Bob the Slob

Bob the Slob
Target text


Recognize words that rhyme with Bob (e.g., "Do slob and Bob rhyme?") and produce rhyme words (e.g., "Think of a word that rhymes with Bob."). 

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • Bob
  • slob
  • job
  • glob
  • gob


  • Stuffed animal dog or dog graphic (see below)
  • Sign that says "Slob" (see below) 
  • Brown paper (some of it ripped up into small pieces)  

State and model the objective  
Tell the children that they will read a story about a dog named Bob, who is a slob and hear and say words that rhyme with Bob, such as glob, gob, job, and slob. 

Practice the skill within an activity    

  • Bob the slob 
    • Read the story (see below) about Bob the slob to the children and have them do the corresponding actions. 
    • Read the story again, but this time, have the children pretend to wag their tails every time they hear a word ending in –ob. 
    • Ask the children to take turns saying a word they heard in the activity that rhymes with Bob. 
Say: Suggested Actions:
I have a dog named Bob. Show your pet dog.
Bob is a slob of a dog. Have a child put a sign that says, "slob" on the dog.
Bog played in a glob of dirt. Have the children sprinkle brown colored paper all around the dog.
Then Bob played in a gob of mud. Have the children crumple brown paper together as a gob and sprinkle it around the dog.
Now we have to clean up Bob the slob! Have the children begin to clean up the mess.
It is a job to clean up after Bob. Continue cleaning.
What a job! Throw the paper in the trash and act exhausted.
Do you want a job to clean up after Bob? Wait for the childrens' responses.

Apply the skill

  • Practice blending and segmenting sounds in words 
    • March and say the sounds in words 
      • Tell the children that they will practice saying words that rhyme with Bob in fun ways. 
      • Have the children march and say the beginning and ending sounds of the word Bob: 
        • Segment sounds: say /B/ (march right), say /ob/ (march left) 
        • Blend sounds: jump with both feet and say Bob to blend the sounds into a word. 
        • Repeat with other words that rhyme with Bob (e.g., slob, glob, job, gob, etc.)
    • Tap out sounds in words 
      • Have the children blend individuals sounds into words by tapping their head (beginning), and toes (end) then clap to say the whole word (e.g. /B/ tap head, /ob/ tap toes = Bob clap hands) 
        • /gl/ /ob/ = glob 
        • /g/ /ob/ = gob 
        • /j/ /ob/ = job 
        • /sl/ /ob/ = slob 
      • Have the children identify the onset (beginning sound) and rime (the vowel and ending sounds) of words by tapping their head (onset) and their toes (rime) (e.g. Bob = /B/ tap head, /ob/ tap toes). Point out that all of the words have the -ob sound at the end. 
        • glob = /gl/ /ob/
        • gob = /g/ /ob/
        • job = /j/ /ob/
        • slob = /sl/ /ob/
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SEEL At Home


Recognize words that rhyme with Bob (e.g., "Do slob and Bob rhyme?") and produce rhyme words (e.g., "Think of a word that rhymes with Bob."). 


  • Pieces of brown paper
  • Dog graphic (see below) 


  • Write the word “slob” on the dog graphic (see below).  
  • Tell your child that the dog's name is Bob and that Bob is a “slob of a dog” (i.e., he loves to make a mess). 
  • Let your child tear up pieces of brown paper and place them on Bob the dog. 
  • Explain that Bob played in a glob of dirt and now he needs to be cleaned.
  • Clean Bob with your child by picking the brown pieces of paper off of him while chanting, “Bob the Slob! Clean up Bob!" 
  • Chant the phrase, What a job!” when you and your child have finished cleaning Bob. 
  • Let your child decorate Bob the dog by using black and brown crayons to make him a slob.bob-the-dog-graphic
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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.