hold the gold

Hold the Gold

Hold the Gold
Target text


Recognize words that rhyme with gold (e.g., "Do hold and gold rhyme?") and produce rhyme words (e.g., "Think of a word that rhymes with gold."). 

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • hold
  • gold
  • sold


  • Fake gold jewelry or gold graphics (see below) printed on yellow or gold paper1 item or graphic per child

State and model the objective
Tell the children that they will play tag with gold and hear and say words that rhyme with gold (such as hold, sold, and fold). 

Practice the skill within an activity

Hold the Gold

  • Choose one child to be “it” and then give all the other children a gold item or gold graphic (see below).
  • Tell the children that the person who is “it” is going to try to tag them and take their gold so that it can be sold.
  • Ask the children to spread out.
  • Tell the person who is “it” to chase the other children, trying to catch them.
  • When the person who is “it” tags someone, have the child who was tagged say, “You can hold the gold.”
  • Have the person who is “it,” hold the gold item and say, “The gold will be sold!”
  • Continue until all the children with gold items have been tagged.
  • Choose someone new to be “it” and repeat the game if desired.  
  • Ask the children what words they heard in the activity that rhyme with gold. 

Apply the skill

Practice rhyming 

  • Produce words that rhyme with gold 
    • Remind the children of the words they played with (gold, sold, hold). 
    • Tell them you can think of other words that rhyme with gold (fold, told, mold, cold). 
    • Ask each child to think of a word that rhymes with gold. 
    • If a child doesn't respond in a few seconds, give him/her an option: 
      • "How about fold? Does fold rhyme with gold?" (Nod your head yes to let the child know that they rhyme) 
      • "Do sold and gold rhyme?" (Nod your head yes) 

Practice blending and segmenting sounds in words 

  • March and say the sounds in words 
    • Tell the children that they will practice saying words that rhyme with gold in fun ways. 
    • Have the children march and say the beginning and ending sound of the word gold: 
      • Segment sounds: say /g/ (march right), say /old/ (march left) 
      • Blend sounds: jump with both feet and say gold to blend the sounds into a word. 
      • Repeat with other words that rhyme with gold (e.g. sold, fold, told, hold, cold, mold, etc.)
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SEEL At Home



Recognize words that rhyme with gold (e.g., "Do hold and gold rhyme?") and produce rhyme words (e.g., "Think of a word that rhymes with gold."). 


  • Gold graphic (see below) 

Activity: Hold the Gold

  • Cut out the gold graphic (see below) and invite your child to color it with a yellow crayon or marker.
  • Tell your child that the object of the game is to hold the gold.
  • Have your child fold the gold graphic in half while saying, "Fold the gold!"
  • Tell your child to hold the gold in between two fingers and say, "Hold the gold!" 
  • Tell your child that a cold wind is coming and that he or she must hold onto the gold.
  • Blow on the gold in between your child's two fingers. 
    • If your child holds onto it, say, "You can hold the gold!"  
    • If your child drops it, say, "The cold wind knocked down the gold." 
  • Switch places and let your child blow to make a cold wind when you fold and try to hold the gold.
  • Repeat as many times as desired.
  • Have fun taking turns folding the gold and saying words that rhyme with gold. Gold Ring
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