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Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

Snacks on a Dock

We sit on a dock with snacks in a sack.
Snacks for us and snacks for the ducks.
We flick snacks off the dock.
But we do not get to see a duck.
We find rocks and sticks by the dock.
We flick sticks off the dock.
We stack rocks like blocks on the dock.
But, we do not see the duck get into our sack.
We do not see the duck get our snacks.
Snacks for the duck, but no snacks for us!

Will the Sticker Stick?

Let’s go out with the stickers.
Stick a sticker on a brick.
Will it stick?
No, you can flick it off.
Will it stick to a rock?
Or can you pluck it off?
Don’t get the sticker in the mud and muck.
It will not stick on mud or muck. Yuck!
Will a sticker stick to a stick?
A sticker will stick to a stick if you wrap the sticker around the stick.
Now stick the sticker to itself.

Knock on Blocks

Pick up and stack lots of blocks.
Pick a block and stick it on top.
Make a big stack of blocks!
Then pick a block and knock it off.
Knock or flick the block but do not kick the block.
Then stack it back on top.
Smack the blocks together.
Can you hear them click?
Can you hear them clack?
Click, clack, click, clack.
Quick! Now put them back!

Stick Stickers on Things

Look! A pack of stickers!
The stickers can stick on things.
Pick a sticker.
Now pick where to stick the sticker.
You can stick a sticker on a sack.
You can stick a sticker on a back-pack.
You can stick a sticker on a snack or a snack pack.
You can stick a sticker on a bag of snacks.

You can stick a sticker on a block.
A sticker will stick on a clock or a lock.
But Mom may not let you stick a sticker on a clock.
Dad may not let you stick a sticker on a lock.

You can put a sticker on another sticker.
Stack up a stack of stickers!

Stick a Sticker on Mom or Dad

Will a sticker stick on you?
You can stick it on your neck or your sock.
But do not stick a sticker on a cat or a duck.

Can you stick a sticker on mom or dad?
Quick! Stick a sticker on Dad’s back!
You have to be quick to stick a sticker on Dad.
What a slick trick!