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I’ll Click 'Til You Say Quit

I get to click a pen.
I can click.
I get to click until you tell me to quit! 
You get to tell me when to quit.

Click 'Til I Say Quit

My pens go ‘click’.  
The pens can click.
Pick a pen.  
Pick a pen and make it click.  
Click the pen until I tell you to quit.
Click quickly when I tell you, quick.


Big lids
Little lids
Lids that can fit on a can.
Lids that can fit on a box. 
Slip a lid on a can.
Slip a lid on a box.
Can the lid fit?
Can a big lid fit on a little can?
Can a little lid fit in a big box?
Slip a lid in a can.
Slip a lid in a box.
But a big lid will not fit in a little can.

Lids that spin

Lids can spin.
Tip the lid and give it a twist.
Give the lid a spin.
Can you get a lid to spin?
Can a lid spin like a top?

Flip a Lid

You can play a game with lids that flip.
The game is Tiddlywinks. 
Slip a bit of one lid over a bit of another.
Press down a bit on the lid that is on top.
Did it just sit there?
Or did it flip?
Try to flip the lid in a bin. 
Did the lid just sit?
Did the lid flip into the bin?
Did it spin and twist in the air?
My lid did not flip or twist.
It slid and hit the bin.
You win if the lid flips into the bin.
You can win at Tiddlywinks.