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Race Day

Today is a gray day.
But, today is race day at the race track!
The race cars stay in the base until it is time to race.
Then the race cars take their place. 
Race cars, take your place!
Get set to race!
Ready? Set? Go!
Now they are on their way!
The race cars race and chase around the race track.
Some cars race on the in-side track.
Some cars race on the out-side track.
The red race car wants first place.
But the blue race car is in the way.
The blue car may win the race.
Or it may not stay in first place. 
What race car do you want to win?
Will the red race car win?
Will the gray race car win?
Will the blue race car win?
Yay for the race car that wins the race and gets first place!
Yay for race day!