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SEEL Target Texts

Kay Learns to Stay and Play

My dog is gray and her name is Kay.
I will teach Kay to do some tricks today!
Stay, Kay, stay!
Kay, jump this way.
Kay, play dead.
Kay, say, “Woof!”
Good job, Kay!
That’s the way!
Now you may go and play.
Yay! What a day!

Play with Kay

It is a gray day in May!
What should I do on such a gray day?
Maybe I’ll teach my dog, Kay, some tricks today.
I hope that Kay won’t run away!
Will she stay and play with me?
    Stay, Kay!
    Say, woof, Kay.
    Play dead, Kay.
    Sway this way. Sway that way.
Good job, Kay!
I love when my dog, Kay, stays to play!