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Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

Luke's Lost Luggage

Luke put a lemon, a letter, a lollipop, a leaf, a lamp, a lock, a ladybug, and some licorice in his luggage.
Luke picked up his luggage as he left for the large lake with Liz and Lauren. 
Luke, Liz, and Lauren walked down a long lane toward the large lake.
Luke lost some of the things from his luggage as he walked down the long lane. (Have the pictures in Luke’s luggage fall out on the lane.)
Luke, Liz, and Lauren looked and looked to find the lost luggage.
Luke found the lost lemon. Liz found the lost letter, and Lauren found the lost lollipop.
Finally, Luke found all his lost things on the long lane. 
Luke put the lost things in his luggage.
Luke locked his luggage so he would not lose his things again.