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Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

Rag Bag

This is my bag.
It is a bag with a tag.
The tag on my bag says Rag Bag.
My bag holds rags.
Do you see a rag?
Use the rag to clean.
Drag and wag the rag and make it go zigzag.
Now drag the rag into my bag.
Any rag can go in my bag.

Rag or Tag

Wag the rag,
Wag, wag, wag!
Drag the rag,
Drag, drag, drag!
Wag and drag the rag.
Snag a kid's rag,
Snag, snag, snag!
Tag a kid's rag,
Tag, tag, tag!
Snag a rag and tag.

Snag a Rag

Race to snag and drag a rag.
Run and snag a rag from a bag.
Drag the rag back to a rag bag.
Snag a rag.
Drag a rag.
Snag and drag a rag to a rag bag. 

Wag a Flag

See what I can do.
I can wag and wag a flag. 
Wag and wag it high,
Wag and wag it low.
Wag and wag it fast,
Wag and wag it slow.
I can wag and wag a flag.

Wag a Flag

I see a flag in my bag.
A flag is not a rag.
A flag cannot go in my rag bag.
I drag the flag out of my bag.
I wag the flag.
I put a tag that says flag on my flag.
A flag is not a rag!