Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

Rag Bag

This is my bag.
It is my bag with a tag.
The tag on my bag says Rag Bag.
Do you see a rag?
Drag the rag into my bag.
Any rag can go in my bag.
I see a flag in my bag.
A flag is not a rag.
A flag cannot go in my rag bag.
A flag is a thing to wag.
Wag the flag!

Rag Tag

Wag the rag,
Wag, wag, wag!
Drag the rag,
Drag, drag, drag!
Wag and drag the rag.
Snag a kid's rag,
Snag, snag, snag!
Tag a kid's rag,
Tag, tag, tag!
Snag a rag and tag.

Snag a Rag

Race to snag and drag a rag.
Run and snag a rag from a bag.
Drag the rag back to a rag bag.
Snag a rag.
Drag a rag.
Snag and drag a rag to a rag bag. 

Wag a Flag

See what I can do.
I can wag and wag a flag. 
Wag and wag it high,
Wag and wag it low.
Wag and wag it fast,
Wag and wag it slow.
I can wag and wag a flag.