Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

Tap, Tap, Clap

(to the rhythm of I Said a Boom Chick a Boom)
I said a tap, tap, a clap!*
I said a tap, tap, a clap! 
I said a tappy, tappy, clappy, clappy, tap, tap, a clap!
Uh huh
Oh yeah
One more time, slow-motion** style
* Have your child repeat each line of the song after you.
** Change the style of how you sing the song each time (e.g., cowboy style, fast forward style, snail style, opera style, baby style, etc.)

Wrap a Cap song

(to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb)
Everybody wrap a cap.
Wrap a cap.
Wrap a cap.
Everybody wrap a cap.
The cap goes in your lap!