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A Fat Cat Went Splat

Once there was a fat cat that sat by a pool.
The fat cat saw a bat.
He did not like that bat.
The fat cat jumped up to get the bat.
The cat did not get the bat.
The cat fell- SPLAT! - into the pool.
And the cat got wet.
Drat! Drat, bat!
The cat was mad.
The fat cat did not want to go SPLAT.
The cat did not want to get wet. 

Fat Bat Story

Say: Suggested Actions:
This bat’s name is Fat Bat, but Fat Bat looks a little flat! Show the children the flat balloon.
Fat Bat can’t fly when he is flat. So he sat and sat and sat. Have the flat balloon sit in your hand.
Fat Bat wanted to change that. One day, he decided to try to fly. Blow up the balloon. As you blow it up, have the children chant, “fat bat, fat bat!”
But Fat Bat wasn’t watching. Fat Bat went splat! Let go of the balloon and let it fly around the room.
He fell flat on a mat. Now, Fat Bat is not fat. Show the children the flat balloon.
Poor Fat Bat. He went splat! Now, Fat Bat is a flat bat! Have the children repeat after you, “Fat Bat is flat!”