SEEL Target Texts

A Dress for Bess

This is Bess.
This is a dress for Bess.
This dress is a special dress for Bess.
Can you guess when Bess will wear her dress?
Bess will wear her dress on her birthday!
Look at the dress. Bess loves her dress!
Oh no! The dress is a mess!
Can you guess why the dress for Bess is a mess?
How can we fix the mess on the dress for Bess?
Maybe Bess could press the dress with her iron?
Then the dress mess will be less.
Press, press, press the mess on the dress.
Look, the mess is less!
Now Bess can wear her dress.

A Mess on a Dress

Bess had a dress.
Bess had a mess on her dress.
Can you guess who helped clean up the mess?
Did Bess's mom clean up the mess on the dress?