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Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

Glad, Sad, or Mad

Tad rides the bus to school.  
Tad sits by his best friend, Brad. 
Tad sees the bad bully, Chad, at school.  
Chad steals Tad’s lunch.  
Tad plays with Brad during recess.
Tad falls down and hurts his knee. 
Dad picks up Tad from school.
Tad loves spending time with Dad.
Tad plays soccer with his team.
Tad loses his soccer game.
When Tad gets home, he plays with Brad.

We Can Be Mad, Sad, or Glad

We can put on faces.
We can be mad.
We can be sad. 
We can be glad.
We can put on mad, sad, or glad faces.
We had mad, sad, and glad faces.

A Mad Face?

We made a mad face.
We made a sad face.
We made a glad face. 
We made our mad face into a sad face. 
We made our sad face into a glad face. 
Let’s keep a glad face.