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Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

Bats, Bats, Bats!

Do you see that? 
It looks like a bat!
I see lots and lots of bats.
I see a big bat, and I see a small bat.
Bats, bats, bats!
I see a fat bat, and I see a flat bat.
Bats, bats, bats. ˇ
Lots and lots of bats!

Cat Likes Hats

Cat likes hats!
Cat will pat your hat.
Cat will pat your hat.
Cat will pat your hat.
But Cat will not pat your hat!
Run, cat! Run with that hat!
Oh no! Cat sat on the hat!
The hat is now flat.
But Cat likes flat hats, too!

A Rat, a Cat, or a Bat?

I once had a little pet rat.  He was a nice little rat with round ears, whiskers, and a little tail.  I had so much fun playing with my rat.  
But you know, there was also this cat in my house that would chase after my rat.  The cat had a big tail and pointy ears.  I was afraid the cat would eat my rat, so I picked up my rat and said, “No, cat!  Don’t chase my rat!”  The cat was sorry, and so we let him play with us.  
Then, out of nowhere, we saw something fly across the room; it was a bat!  It had big black wings and pointy ears like the cat.  It flew down and we all played together:  rat, cat, and bat!

Make a Flat Bat Fat

This is my bat. My bat is flat. Can you help me make 
my bat fat?
Show the flat balloon bat then blow up the balloon 
while the children chant “fat bat”—don’t tie the end.
See this hat? Can you help me put this hat on my fat 
Show the hat.
A hat is on my fat bat. 
Have a child put the hat on the balloon bat.
Do bats wear hats? No! Bats don’t wear hats. Let’s 
take the hat off my fat bat.
Have a child take off the hat.
The fat bat can fly. 
Pinch the end of the balloon and make the fat bat fly 
around the classroom.
Oh no! The fat bat went splat! 
Have the fat bat crash into a wall or object then let 
the air out of the balloon. Have the children shout, 
“The fat bat went splat!”
The fat bat went splat and now he’s flat. Now we’ll call him Flat Bat. 
Have the children chant, “Flat Bat, Flat Bat!”
Give Flat Bat a pat and say, “Hi, Flat Bat!” 
Have the children pat the bat and say, “Hi, Flat Bat!”
Oh no! He won’t chat when he’s flat. Flat Bat 
doesn’t like to be flat. He’s a fat bat. Let’s make the 
flat bat fat again. 
Blow up the balloon bat while the children chant “fat bat.”
Now we can chat with the fat bat. “Hi, Fat Bat.”
Have children repeat, “Hi, Fat Bat.”

A Fat Bat

We made a fat bat.
We gave the fat bat a pat.
We said, “Hi, Fat Bat.”
Then, just like that the fat bat flew!
But the fat bat went splat! 
Look at that! 
The fat bat is not a fat bat.
Now the fat bat is a flat bat!
Oh drat!