Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

I Like Hats

I like hats. All kinds of hats.
I like a hat that is flat, like a cap.
I like a hat that is fat.
I like a big hat.
I like a red hat.
I like a hat with a flap.
I like a top hat.
I like a dress-up hat.
I even like a Cat-in-the-Hat hat.
When I see a great new hat,
I say, “I like that hat!”
I can sell that hat in my hat store.

Grab Bag

We got to play a grab bag game.
We had to grab and snag a bag.
We had to jab and nab a bag.
We did not get sad or mad when we didn’t grab a fun bag.
And we did not act like a crab.
If we got something we liked, we did not brag.
We were glad to play grab bag!