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Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

Leo Lion Loves Lunch

Leo lion loves to lift lobsters to his lips.
Leo lion loves to lap liver for lunch.
Leo lion loves his lettuce and lasagna.
Leo lion loves to lick lots and lots of lollipops.
Leo lion loves large lemon lollipops.
Leo lion loves little lime lollipops.
Leo lion loves his L lunch.

Little Lions

Little lions like to lick little lollipops.
Little lions like to lick licorice.
Little lions like to lick lemons.
Little lions like to lick lunch boxes.

Luke's Lost Luggage

Luke put a lemon, a letter, a lollipop, a leaf, a lamp, a lock, a ladybug, and some licorice in his luggage.
Luke picked up his luggage as he left for a large lake.
Luke walked down a long lane toward the large lake.
Luke lost the things from his luggage as he walked down the long lane.
Luke looked and looked along the lane to find the lost luggage.
Luke found the lost lemon, letter, lollipop, leaf, lamp, lock, ladybug, and licorice.
Luke put the lost things in his luggage and locked his luggage so he would not lose his things again.