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Spooky Spider Song

Spooky spider,
Spooky spider,
See the spots!
See the spots!
Spin the spooky spider,
Spin the spooky spider,
Spooky spots!
Spooky spots!
Sung to the tune of to the tune of Frère Jacques (

Spooky Spider

We made a spooky spider.
First, we made a spider body.
Then, we splattered some spots on the spider.
Next, we stuck some legs on the spider.
Last, we spun the spider on some string.
That made our spider spooky!

Spin and Splash

Spin spools and splash water.
Spin spools in water. 
Splish and splash spools in water.
Spoon water onto spools.
Spoon water into spouts.
Spin spools in water to make water spots.
Spoon water onto spots and watch the water splash.
Spin spouts in water to make splashes.
Sponge up all the water that spills.
That’s a lot of spinning and splashing.