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SEEL Target Texts

I am a Fine Musician

Sing the chorus in between each verse
I am a fine musician,
I practice every day!
And people come from miles around
Just to hear me play.
Verse 1:
My trumpet, my trumpet,
I love to play my trumpet!
Ta ra ta ta, Ta ra ta ta, Ta ra ta ta ta ta!!
Verse 2:
My tuba, my tuba,
I love to play my tuba!
Toompa, toompa, toompa, toompa, toompa!
Verse 3:
My trombone, my trombone,
I love to play my trombone!
Temba, temba, temba, temba, temba!
Verse 4:
My triangle, my triangle,
I love to play my triangle!
Ting, ting, ting, ting, ting, ting, ting, ting, ting, ting, ting, ting, ting!
Verse 5:
My tambourine, my tambourine,
I love to play my tambourine!
Tam, tam, tam, tam, tam, tam, tam, tam, tam, tam, tam, tam, tam!

Action List

1: Twist for ten seconds.
2: Shout, “Two is terrific!”
3: Trot around the table.
4: Tap your toes twice.
5: Tuck down to become a tiny ball.
6: Toss a teddy bear onto the table.
7: Tap your teeth together ten times.
8: Turn around two times.
9: Touch your toes.
10: Shout, “Ten is terrific!”
11: Twirl for ten seconds.
12: Shout, “Twelve is terrific!”

Tip Over a Tower of Tops

How can you tip over a tower of tops?
Put a toy top on top of the tower of tops.
Tap on the tops.
Touch the tops.
Take a top from the tower.
The tower of tops will tip over!

Take a Train Trip

We will take a train trip to Texas.
We will bring a tent on our train trip.
When we get to Texas, we will follow a trail and then set up our tent.
We will use a tool to tack down the tent.
Then we will have a tasty treat with Twix, Tootsie rolls, and Twizzlers.
When it’s time to go home, we will take down the tent.
We will tuck in the tails and tie it tight.
We will follow the trail home. 
We will have a terrific time in Texas!