SEEL Target Texts

Under the Umbrella

If you are not under the umbrella, you might get wet.
If you get wet, you might get upset.
If you get upset, you might be unhappy.
If you are unhappy, you might want to go upstairs to tell your uncle.
If you tell your uncle, he might understand.
Your uncle might say, “Get under the umbrella!”

Fun with a Bug, Nut, and Cub

Oh look!
a bug in a mug
and a mug on a rug
Tug the mug with the bug off the rug!
Oh look!
a nut
and a nut in a hut.
Shut the nut inside the hut.
Oh look!
a cub in a tub
and a scrub brush
Rub and scrub the cub in the tub.
Is it fun to play with a bug on a rug?
Is it fun to shut a nut inside a hut?
Is it fun to rub and scrub a cub in a tub?