SEEL Target Texts

Hook a Book

Look for a book. 
Look for a book on a hook.  
Look for a cookbook on a hook. 
A book! 
Look at the cookbook.  
Look at the cookbook that you took.
Is it a good book?
We took the cookbook from the hook.
We looked at the cookbook.
The cookbook was a good book!

My Cookbook

I once really wanted to cook.
I started to look for my cookbook.
I looked up and down and all over town.
Then I found my cookbook one day on a hook!
Then it was time for me to cook.
Into my bowl I shook things I needed to cook.
My food tasted yummy in my tummy.
I'm glad that I found my cookbook!

A Cook Cooked Gook

A cook! 
A cook book! 
The cook took the cook book. 
The cook took a look in the cookbook.
The cook took a bowl. 
The cook took flour. 
The cook shook the flour into the bowl. 
The cook took salt and water. 
The cook shook the salt and water into the bowl. 
The cook looked in the cookbook to know how to cook gook.  
The cook used the cookbook to cook gook.

Who Took the Cookbook?

We wanted to cook gook but the cookbook was missing.
We did not know who took the cookbook.
We thought that maybe a crook took the cookbook.
We looked and looked for the cookbook.
We found the cookbook!
A crook did not take the cookbook.
The cookbook was up on a hook.
We cooked gook using the recipe in the cookbook.
We shook gook off of the cookbook.