Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

Make Room for Goop

Make room for gooey goop!
Do you choose to make goo or goop?
Do you choose to make some gooey goop?
Make something that feels gooey and goopy.
Make some goo or goop or gloop.
Add water – and poof!
Soon you have goo and goop!
Is the goop not gooey yet? Boo hoo!
Spoon the goop and gloop.
Spoon the goop and make it droop off the spoon.
Give a hoot and a toot for goop and gloop.
Whoo hoo!! We have gooey goop!

A Stew with a Slew of Screws

We made a stew with a slew of screws.
It was a stew that could feed a crew.
We put screws in our stew.
We put in a slew of screws.
Anything new in the stew?
We threw in a few new screws.
We threw in a few screws that we drew.
It was a stew with a slew of screws.
The stew grew and grew and grew.
It was a stew big enough to feed a crew.
But screws are things you can’t chew.
We can’t chew the things in this stew.
We threw the stew out in the yard and the stew and screws flew all over the place!

Moose and Goose on the Loose

It’s not easy having a moose on the loose.
There’s no room to have a moose loose.
And the moose just zooms around.
Oh no! Now a goose is loose.
Did someone goof and let the goose loose?
Oh no! The goose is chasing the moose.
Oops! And now the moose is chasing the goose.
It’s not fun having a moose and a goose run loose.

Let the Moose and Goose Stay Loose

A moose and a goose got loose.
We tried getting the loose moose and loose goose back in their pens.
But it was no use.
We had to let the moose and the goose stay loose.
But we told the moose and the goose to vamoose.

What Would You Do with A Moose and a Goose on the Loose?

A moose and a goose got loose.
What would you choose to do?
Could you make the moose go poof?
I’d let the moose and goose stay loose.
I’d just take a snooze while the moose and goose ran loose.

Put Blooms in Rooms

Make a map of different rooms.
Draw a bed room, bath room, wash room, lunch room, and classroom.
Put flower blooms in all the rooms
Put a bloom in the bed room, bath room, wash room, lunch room, and class room.
Now all the rooms have blooms!

Zoom and Boom

Make room for a race in the class room.
Give the cars names that end in –oom.
Name the cars zoom, vroom, gloom, and boom.
Race the cars around the room.
Vroom! The cars go zoom around the room.
Uh oh! Boom!
Ka-boom! Two cars crash.
It feels like gloom and doom for those two cars.
They cannot zoom around the room anymore!

What Says Oo?

A ghost says boo.
Can you say boo too?
A cow says moo.
Can you say moo too?
A dove says coo.
Can you say coo too?

Let Loops Droop

Make long loops.
Let the long loops droop.
Loop one loop in another loop.
Make a chain with lots of loops.
Hang the chain of loops.
Let the chain of loops droop.

Scoop up Loops

How many loops can you scoop up?
Make lots of loops.
Take a scoop.
Swoop down into the loops with the scoop.
Scoop up loops with the scoop.
How many loops did you scoop up?