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Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

Pigs Root for Food

Did you know that pigs like to dig?
They just have to dig and root.
They won’t stop digging and rooting.
They root in mud with their nose.
They root to get food to eat.
They dig for roots and shoots to chew.
And they dig for other things to chew too.
A pig likes to find new things to chew.
I do not root for food like a pig.
Would you chew roots too?
I would not chew a dirty root—ew!

Don’t Chew a Screw!

Oops–someone goofed. 
They threw something into the pig’s pen.     
Was it a root? No.
Was it food? No.
Was it something new to chew? 
No. It was too hard to chew.
It was a big, old screw!
A pig can’t chew a screw for food – ew!
The pig needs roots and shoots, or a scoop of pig food.

Use a Tube to Play a Tune

You can use a tube to make a tune.
You can make a flute from a tube.
A tool can help you make a flute.

Get a tube.
It can be a big tube but not a huge tube.
Use a tool to poke three holes in the tube.

You can make the tube look cute.
You can make it blue, too.
Ready for the tune?
Use the tube to make a tune.

Make a Tune on the Tube

Play a few notes with the tube.
The flute made from a tube can make a tune.
The tune is not the same as the tune from a flute.

A flute can be used to make a tune.
But the flute made out of a tube will not toot.
It will not go toot toot.
It will not be a true flute.