Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

Goats in a Boat

There were three goats who built a boat using oak wood.
They gloated and boasted that they built the best boat.
They wanted to float by the coast in the boat.
They loaded oats, toast, cloaks, and some soap on their boat.
The goats climbed aboard the boat and floated away.
They saw some sea foam then looked back at the coast.
They moaned and groaned that it was time to get off of the boat.
They returned to the coast and unloaded their boat.
The three goats decided it’s best not to float in boats.

A Toad with a Load

One day I saw a great big toad,
Hopping down a rocky road.
He carried a very heavy load.
I stopped that tired, hopping toad,
And took him to the railroad.
He climbed aboard, unpacked his load,
And was a very happy toad.

A Toad Floated and Soaked

I saw a toad hop onto a road.
I did not want the toad to get hurt on the road.
So I helped the toad hop off the road and into a pond.
The toad soaked in the pond.
And he floated on a lily pad.
He used his throat to let out a croak.
He seemed happy to be off the road.
A toad should soak and float in the pond and NOT hop on the road.
I can gloat and boast about helping a toad off the road.