Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

Go Slowly As You Mow

Let’s mow.
Oh no! We better go slowly.
We can go slowly and mow grass in a row.
We will go slowly and cut the grass so low.
Then we will stop and watch the grass grow.
We love to go slowly and mow grass in a row.

Things That Grow

In spring and summer, things in the yard can grow.
Grass and plants can grow.
But grass and plants are slow to grow.
Some plants grow in rows.
But grass does not grow in rows.
When the grass finally grows, it can be mowed in neat rows.
But when all the grass is cut low, you can’t see any of the rows.
Leaves on the trees grow and fall.
The leaves can be raked into neat rows.
But when the wind blows, the leaves don’t stay in their neat rows.