SEEL Target Texts

Tote Oats to Goats

Put oats in a tote.
Carry the oats in the tote to a goat.
Let the goat eat the oats.
Goats will eat anything so be careful!
Don't let the goat eat the tote!
Don't let the goat eat your coat!

Vote for a Goat to Float in a Boat

Have you ever seen a goat float? 
A goat float? 
Yes, a goat can float on a boat! 
Vote for the goat that will go on the boat.
Write a note to tell which goat gets to float.
Put the goat with the most votes on the boat.
Put some oats in the boat.
See if the boat will float with the goat and some oats.
See if the goat will eat the oats as he floats in the boat.

Put Notes in Totes

We can make lots of totes.
We can put straps on bags to make tote bags.
We can write a note to vote for the best tote.
Then we can put notes in the tote bags.
We can tote the notes around in a tote bag parade.
A tote can be used to tote around notes!

Vote for the Boat that will Float

Have you ever seen a note float?
A note float?    
Yes, a note can float on a paper boat!
Write a note on note paper.
Fold the note into a boat.
Vote for the boat you think will float.
Let the boat with the most votes try to float.
See if the note on the boat will float.

Go and Hoe a Row

I go and hoe a row.
I go and hoe a row with my toe.
I go and sow some seeds in the row.
Oh no! A crow!
I can’t let the crow go in the row of seeds.
I tell the crow to go away.
I watch the seeds slowly grow.
I see the plants pop up in a row.
I see the plants start out low then grow and grow.
I love to watch my garden grow!