Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

Get in Line for Lime

Do you have a dime?
Do you want a lime drink?
Is it time to get in line?
Get in line to pay for your lime.
The price for a lime is a dime.
Get in line to pay your dime.

The Nice Mice

I see some mice.
The mice can do many amazing things.
The mice play with dice.
The mice eat rice.
The mice slide on ice.
The mice pay a price for ice.
The mice make a cake with cinnamon spice.
How nice to see all the things the mice can do!

A Nice Party for Mice

Some mice had a nice party.
At the party the nice mice…
Played with dice.
Drank punch with ice.
Ate a slice of cake with spice.
Cut a slice of pizza twice.
What a nice party for mice!

Mice on Ice

There is ice on the lake.
The ice is very nice.
I can ice skate today!
I like to ice skate.
But last week I slipped on the ice twice!

I see mice coming on the ice.
There are mice on the ice!
They like to slide and glide on the ice.
Those silly mice love the ice!

I like to see mice sliding and gliding on ice.

Put Stripes on a Pipe

Have you seen a pipe with stripes?
You can put stripes on a pipe.
And you can wipe stripes off the pipe.
You can wipe the stripes off with one swipe!
But if you put stripes on paper you can’t wipe off the stripes.
You can gripe because the stripes won’t wipe off.

Nine in Line to Dine

We go to a fine restaurant to dine.
We see a sign that says, “Wait in line.”
We make a line of nine and wait to dine.
We see the sign change to “It’s time to dine.”
We go inside the fine restaurant to dine.
We like to dine and have a fine time.

A Dime for a Slice of Lime

Get ready to have a slice of lime!
Wipe the lime.
Wipe any grime or slime off the lime.
Slice the lime.
Is it time to set a price for the slice?
Should the price for a slice be a dime?
A dime is a nice price for a fine slice.

Do You Want a Slice of Lime?

Do you want a slice of lime?
Stand in line to buy a slice.
What will you do with your slice of lime?
Squeeze the lime?
Feel the lime? Feel inside the slice of lime?
Does the slice of lime feel a bit like slime?
It's time to dine on a slice of lime.
Lick the slice that you got with your dime.
How nice! You might want to lick it twice!

Do You Have a Dime for a Lime?

It's lime time!
Do you have a dime for a lime?
Give a dime for a slice of lime.
I'm glad you have a dime for a slice of lime.
A dime is a nice price for a slice of lime.
It's time for a lime!
It's time to get a slice of lime.
Do you have a dime for a slice of lime?
Give me a dime for a fine slice of lime.
And for your dime, you get a slice of lime.