Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

Flee, Bee

Buzz, says Bee One.
Buzz, says Bee Two.
Buzz, says Bee Three.
I have bees all around me.
Get away from me, bees!
Let me flee!
Let me free!
Let me be!

Feed the Seed

You have a seed.
Your seed is not a weed seed.
It is a plant seed.
You need to feed your seed.
You need to water your seed.
Get rid of any weeds you see.
Wait and see the seed grow.

Flee the Bee

I climb a tree.
Up in the tree, I see a bee.
I see a bumblebee.
I see a wee, little bee.
I see a queen bee!
I see three bees—a bee, a bumblebee, and the queen bee.
Quick, flee!
I flee from the bees!

EEK! A Mouse!

EEK! I see a mouse!
He is playing hide and seek.
I will offer him some cheese.
I will peek to see if he comes to the cheese.
Every week I put out new cheese.
Every week I try to see him.
Eek! I see him!

Sometimes I Say, “EEK!”

When do I say “EEK?”
I say EEK when I…
See a bee and want to flee.
Feel a creepy spider web that I can’t see.
Get stuck in a tree and can’t get free.
When do I say “SWEET?”
I say SWEET when I…
See a pretty queen.
Feel a cool summer breeze.
Swim by a manatee.

Peach in a Tree

I see a peach tree!
I see a beetle crawling on the tree.
I see a bee flying by the tree.
I see a weed sprouting near the tree.
I hear the breeze rustle leaves in the tree.
I hear three sheep bleating by the tree.
I hear a peach drop from the branches of the tree.
I can see and hear many things by a tree!

Manatee in the Sea

I see a manatee swimming in the sea.
I see some seaweed growing in the sea.
I feel a breeze blowing by the sea.
I feel sand between my toes on the beach by the sea.
I hear seagulls screeching by the sea.
I hear waves crashing on the beach by the sea.
I love to be by the sea!