SEEL Target Texts

Flee, Bee

Three bees buzz around a tree.
Three kids see the bees.
The kids say, “We see bees!    
 “We see bees near that tree.”
One kid says, “We need the bees to flee.”  
“Get away, bees!”
“Let us be.”
“Let us be free!”   
“We want to be free from bees.”
One kid says, “Maybe we need to flee.” 
The kids flee and get away from the tree.
The kids are free, free from bees.

Feed the Seed

You have a seed.
Your seed is not a weed seed.
It is a plant seed.
You need to feed your seed.
You need to water your seed.
You need to put the pot with the seed in the sun.
Get rid of any weeds you see.
Wait to see the seed grow.

Flee the Bee

I climb a tree.
Up in the tree, I see a bee.
I see a bumblebee.
I see a wee, little bee.
I see a queen bee!
I see three bees—a bee, a bumblebee, and the queen bee.
Quick, flee!
I flee from the bees!

EEK! A Mouse!

EEK! I see a mouse!
He is playing hide and seek.
I will offer him some cheese.
I will peek to see if he comes to the cheese.
Every week I put out new cheese.
Every week I try to see him.
Eek! I see him!

Sometimes I Say, “EEK!”

When do I say “EEK?”
I say EEK when I…
See a bee and want to flee.
Feel a creepy spider web that I can’t see.
Get stuck in a tree and can’t get free.
When do I say “SWEET?”
I say SWEET when I…
See a pretty queen.
Feel a cool summer breeze.
Swim by a manatee.

Peach in a Tree

I see a peach tree!
I see a beetle crawling on the tree.
I see a bee flying by the tree.
I see a weed sprouting near the tree.
I hear the breeze rustle leaves in the tree.
I hear three sheep bleating by the tree.
I hear a peach drop from the branches of the tree.
I can see and hear many things by a tree!

Manatee in the Sea

I see a manatee swimming in the sea.
I see some seaweed growing in the sea.
I feel a breeze blowing by the sea.
I feel sand between my toes on the beach by the sea.
I hear seagulls screeching by the sea.
I hear waves crashing on the beach by the sea.
I love to be by the sea!

The Bees Flee

Three bees see kids near their tree.
“There are kids by our tree!”
“Let me be,” says Bee One.
“Let me be,” says Bee Two.
“Let me be,” says Bee Three.
“Let’s flee!” says Bee One. 
“Let’s flee!” says Bee Two.
“Let’s flee!” says Bee Three.
The three bees flee.
The bees get away from the kids and the tree.
The three bees are free.