SEEL Target Texts

Squeak and Creak

Close your eyes and do not peek!
Do not peek and do not speak!
Do you hear that squeak, squeak, squeak?
Do not speak so we can hear the squeak!
Do you hear that squeak?
We need to take a peek to see what makes that squeak!
The squeak is coming from a mouse!
In a creaky, squeaky house!
Take a peek!
Do you see that squeaky mouse?
It’s making noise inside the house?    
Squeak, squeak, squeak!

Mr. Bleat wants to eat

Mr. Bleat wants to eat.
Sit in a seat, Mr. Bleat.
It’s time to eat.
Want to eat wheat?
Eat some wheat.
Want to eat a treat?
Eat a treat.
Want to eat meat?
No! Sheep don’t eat meat.
Mr. Bleat eats wheat and treats but not meat!

Take a Seat

Take a seat.
Time to eat wheat.
Take a seat.
Time to eat meat.
Take a seat.
Time to eat a treat
Take a seat.

Sheep Eat Wheat

Sheep take a seat.
Sheep eat wheat.
But sheep don’t eat meat.
Sheep eat a treat.
Sheep slurp and burp.
Sheep jump up and bump a seat.
Sheep spill the wheat and the treat.
The sheep are NOT neat.
They make a mess!
“Leave, sheep!”
The sheep bleat and bleat as they leave the wheat and the treat.
Sheep crunch and munch!
Sheep eat grass.

Meet for a Treat

Let’s meet to get a treat.
We can greet and meet on a street.
We can beat our feet down a street to meet at a sheet. 
Beat your feet down the street to get to the sheet.
Meet and greet on the sheet.
Take a seat on the sheet.
Eat a treat.