Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

Walk Along a Trail

Walk down the long ai trail.
Fill up your pail.
Find a nail for the pail.
Can a snail go in the pail?
How about some mail?

Rain and Rays of Sunshine

I love the rain.
I play in the rain drops.
I stay and play in puddles of rain.
I catch the rain in pails.
I love to see rays of sunshine after rain.
I stay and play in the warm rays of sun.
I watch the plain gray clouds go away.
I look for rainbows and blue jays to come out.
I love rain and rays of sun!

A Snail in a Pail

I put a snail in a pail,
And I sat the pail on a rail.
Up sailed a quail and knocked over the pail.
The pail flew off the rail.
Goodbye pail.
Goodbye snail!