SEEL Target Texts

Walk Along a Trail

Walk down the long ai trail.
Fill up your pail.
Find a nail for the pail.
Can a snail go in the pail?
How about some mail?

Rain and Rays of Sunshine

I love the rain.
I play in the rain drops.
I stay and play in puddles of rain.
I catch the rain in pails.
I love to see rays of sunshine after rain.
I stay and play in the warm rays of sun.
I watch the plain gray clouds go away.
I look for rainbows and blue jays to come out.
I love rain and rays of sun!

A Snail in a Pail

I put a snail in a pail,
And I sat the pail on a rail.
Up sailed a quail and knocked over the pail.
The pail flew off the rail.
Goodbye pail.
Goodbye snail!

Mr. Snail and Mr. Quail Carry Mail in a Pail

Mr. Snail carries mail on his back in a pail.
He moves slowly down the trail.
That’s why his mail is called Snail Mail.
Or you can send your mail by Air mail.
Just put your mail in Mr. Quail’s pail.
Then watch Mr. Quail sail with the mail along the trail.
He delivers the mail without fail.
That’s why he’s called the Air Mail Quail.


Male and Female Mail Carriers

I know a mail carrier who is a male.
I know a mail carrier who is a female.
Mail carriers can be male or female.
The male mail carrier delivers mail.
The female mail carrier delivers mail.
The female and male mail carriers carry mail in a mail truck.
They carry the mail in a mailbag.
But they do not carry mail in a pail!

Mail Goes by Rail or along a Trail

Mail can be delivered in many ways.
A mail carrier can deliver mail by foot along a trail. 
A mail carrier can deliver mail in a train that goes by rail.
Mail can sail on the sea in a boat. 
Mail can go in the air on a plane. 
There are many ways to deliver mail.

Mail Carriers Never Fail to Deliver the Mail

Mail carriers never fail to deliver the mail.
They carry mail in rain or hail.
They carry mail along a muddy trail.
It may be a pain to carry mail in rain and hail.
But mail carriers do not complain. 
They never fail to deliver the mail. 

Does a Mail Carrier Deliver E-mail?

Mail carriers deliver paper mail.
Mail carriers don’t deliver e-mail. 
They NEVER deliver e-mail.
They only deliver paper mail. 
It takes a long time to deliver paper mail.
That’s why paper mail is called snail mail.
Paper mail and snails move slowly.
Snails and paper mail take a lot of time to go from place to place.
Paper mail moves slowly, and snails move slowly too.
Do you ever send snail mail?
Do you ever send e-mail?