Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

Pay to Spray

Today we played with a spray bottle.
Here are some things we got to do with the spray bottle:
Pay to spray clay or a tray that was far away.
Pay to get a spray.
(But we could sway to miss a spray.)
We also got to say if we wanted to get a spray.
Some of us said, “Spray my way!” because we liked to feel the spray.
Some of us said, “Stay away!” because we did not want to get a spray.

Don't Go Away

Don’t go away!
It’s okay to stay.
Stay and play.
Stay all day.
We can play the way you want to play.
That’s okay with me!
Stay and play.

I'll Show You the Way

What a day!
It's a sunny day, not a gray day.
Let’s go play on the playground.
I’ll show you the way to the playground.
I’ll say which way to go.
Go this way.
Stay on the pathway.
Don’t stray.
Yes, that’s the way!
That’s the playground!
Now we can play
Let’s not go away.
Let’s stay and play all day!

Which Way

We see signs that say which pathway to take.
We can take the pathway to the subway.
We can take the pathway to the runway.
We can take the pathway to the highway.
We can take the pathway to the railway.
Which way should we go?
Let’s stay away from the pathways and go to the playground instead.
We can stay at the playground and play all day!

May I Pay?

I want to buy hay.
The farmer has hay.
I have the money to pay.
I want to pay the farmer so I can buy the hay.
I ask the farmer, “May I pay?”
The farmer says, “You may!”
I pay the farmer and get some hay.

What Are They?

On a clear day in May,
I went out to a farm to get some hay.
I had to drive a very long way.
I loaded the hay and then went to pay.
I wanted to stay, but I had no time to play.
I had to get back to my bay and my gray.
For supper that day, both my bay and my gray had hay.
What are they? What are my bay and gray?
Answer: Horses
A bay—a horse with a black mane and tail
A gray—a horse that’s the color gray

Kay Learns to Stay and Play

My dog is gray and her name is Kay.
I will teach Kay to do some tricks today!
Stay, Kay, stay!
Kay, jump this way.
Kay, play dead.
Kay, say, “Woof!”
Good job, Kay!
That’s the way!
Now you may go and play.
Yay! What a day!

Play with Kay

It is such a gray day!
What should do today?
What should I do on this gray day in May?
Maybe I’ll teach my dog, Kay, some tricks today.
I hope she doesn’t run away!
Will she stay and play with me?
Stay, Kay!
Say, ‘ruff’, Kay.
Play dead, Kay.
Go this way. Go that way.
Good job, Kay!
I love when my dog, Kay, stays to play!

Go Away Blue Jay!

One day I saw a gray bird building a nest with hay.
The gray bird wanted to lay an egg in that nest of hay.
The next day I saw a blue jay.
The blue jay wanted to steal the nest of hay.
That day I told the blue jay to stay away.
I told the blue jay to stay away from the nest of hay.
I told the blue jay to fly far away.
The blue jay did fly away.
The blue jay found a new place to play.
The blue jay played in a fountain’s spray.