SEEL Target Texts

Fake Snake Shapes

Fake snake shapes.
I like fake snakes!
My fake snake is awake.
My fake snake swims in a lake.

Do Not Wake a Snake Napping by a Lake

Look! A snake is taking a nap by the lake.
The snake is not awake.
Should we wake the snake?
Should we shake the snake?
Should we yell, “Wake up, snake?”
We don’t want to wake the snake.
We will let the snake nap by the lake.
So let’s tip toe away from the lake and not wake the snake!

Let's Make a Fake Rake

Let’s make a fake rake, lake, snake and cake.
Make a rake out of paper.
Make a lake out of paper.
Make a snake out of paper.
Make a cake out of paper.
Take the fake rake and rake up things.
Rake up the fake snakes.
Rake up fake bits of cake.
Rake and rake with a fake rake.

Brave Dave

A kid named Dave came to wade in the waves.
The waves were tame, and Dave did not have to be brave.
But then the waves got big and strong.
And Dave had to be brave to swim in the big waves.
Dave was brave when he swam in waves that were not tame.

Wave to a Friend and Make Waves

There are two kinds of wave.
They are not the same.
One wave is used to say hello to a friend.
You can wave to a friend.
Another wave is found in the ocean.
You can see a wave in the ocean.
We can wave to our friends and we can make waves.

Blake Can Wave

Blake the bear can wave.
What else can Blake do?
Blake can stay awake.
Blake can stay in the same cave.
Blake can save a fish for dinner.
Blake can bathe in the river by his cave.
Blake can stay sane.
Can you do the same things as Blake?

Be Brave in a Cave

My friend Dave goes to look for a bear in a cave.
Dave is brave.
Dave gives me a wave.
Dave asks, “Will you save me if I need help in the cave?”
Dave goes into the cave and I stay outside.
Dave calls my name.
My friend needs help in the cave!
Should I be brave?
I run into the cave to save my friend Dave.
The big, black bear is awake.
But the bear is tame.
The bear gives me a wave.
Then Dave and I give the bear a wave and leave the cave.
Was I brave to go into the cave to save Dave?
I was brave and Dave was brave!

Trace a Shoelace to Make a Face

You can use a lace to trace a face.
Find some space to trace.
Place paper in that space.
Place a lace in the shape of a face.
Trace around the lace to make the face.
Place a lace to trace a mouth.
Add a nose and two eyes.
Did you make a face?

Pace Around a Face (Sung to tune of "Happy and You Know It")

Oh we’ll pace around a face,
’round a face.
Oh we’ll pace around a face,
’round a face.
Oh we’ll pace around a face
‘til we get back to our place.
Oh we’ll pace around a face,
‘round a face.

Let’s Make and Bake a Cake

Let’s make a cake!
Shake the ingredients into the bowl.
Take the spoon and stir the mix together.
Bake the cake in the oven.
Take the cake out of the oven when it is baked.
Take a bite of the cake to see how it baked.
Mmmm. It tastes good.