SEEL Target Texts

Toil to Clean a Toy

A boy took his toy truck and dug in the soil. 
Oh boy! What a dirty toy!
The boy had two choices to get rid of the soil.
With some toil, he could clean the soil off the toy.
Or, he could pay a coin to get someone else to clean the toy.
Whatever his choice, he should avoid getting his toy stuck in soil.
The boy made the choice to toil to get rid of the soil.
He said, “No more soil! “Oh joy! Oh boy! I can enjoy my toy!”
So now he will not get his toy in too much soil.
Too much soil will spoil his toy.

Loyalty Oath to Toil in the Royal Classroom

Join me in an oath to be loyal to our royal classroom.
I will be loyal to our royal classroom.
I will be loyal and follow the rules of the royal classroom.
I will toil to work hard in school.

Toil for the Royal King and Queen

The king and queen don’t have to toil.
They don’t have to toil in the soil.
We don’t want them to spoil their royal robes.
We will toil for the royal king and queen.
We will toil in the soil.
We will toil as we broil and boil their food.
Instead, we will spoil the royal king and queen.
At the end of our toil, we will get a royal coin for all of our toil.
We will get a royal coin for being loyal.

The Royal King Does Not Need to Toil

The royal king doesn’t have to toil.
Instead, the loyal servants toil for the king.
The servants toil in the soil to grow food.
They toil in the kitchen to boil and broil food.
The servants spoil the royal king.
The royal king gives the loyal servants royal coins for their toil.

Make a Choice to Boil or Broil

We pulled vegetables from the soil.
We did not want the vegetables to spoil.
We washed the soil off the vegetables.
We made a choice to boil or broil the vegetables.
We liked making choices to boil or broil food!

A Coin to Join an Enjoyable Game

Make a choice to play an enjoyable game.
Pay a coin to join the game.
Toss a coin on words like joy and join.
Flip a coin to make the hard choice of which toy to get. 
Coil a rope as fast as you can.
Oh boy! Enjoy the game that you got to join with a coin!

Will You Toil for Coins?

Work and toil, work and toil.
So much work and toil.
But, I have a plan.
I have a ploy.
I’ll employ you to toil, and you will get coins.
You have a choice: do not toil or toil for coins. 
You can get coins to buy toys.
You can get coins to enjoy. 
I will sit back and avoid the toil.
I will enjoy not having to toil. 
I will enjoy the rest while you toil.
You can enjoy the coins from your toil.
It’s your choice . . . 
Coins to buy toys to enjoy?
Or no coins and rest to enjoy?