SEEL Target Texts

Clowns Come to Town

Some clowns are coming to town.
Some clowns have frowns.
Some clowns wear gowns.
Some clowns wear crowns.
Some clowns wear brown crowns and brown gowns.
The clowns do tricks.
Some clowns do handstands—they go upside down.
Some clowns sit on other clowns and then fall down.
Some clowns fall down and land facedown.
Then all the clowns frown.

My Cow Can Take a Bow

I have a cow that can take a bow.
Take a bow, cow.
Wow! What a cow!
Can you bow?
My cow will teach you how.
Now you bow. 
That's some bow!
Wow! What a bow!

A Cow Who Needs Chow

We see a cow who needs some chow.
How will we get the cow some chow?
We need to plow to get chow for the cow.
So we plow chow for the cow.
Now we have chow for the cow.

How Do You Bow, Cow?

I have a cow who can bow.
My cow can teach you how to bow.
How do you bow, cow?
Look at my cow take a bow. 
That’s how my cow can bow.
Now you bow.
Wow, what a bow!
Now you and my cow can bow.