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Shabby Grubby Dog

Abby, my dog, is looking pretty shabby.
I have to give her a bath.
She gets crabby when she has to take a bath.
I get crabby when I have to give her a bath.
But she is so shabby and grubby.
She gets shabby because she is slobbery.
Abby also dibbles and dabbles in dirt.
So, she gets grubby and shabby.
I hobble and wobble as I drag Abby to the tub.
I get a scrubber and dribble water on Abby.
I make some bubbles.
The bubbles bobble in the tub.
I dribble bubbles on Abby.
I dribble bubbles on the scrubber.
I do lots of scrubbing.
Having to take a bath makes Abby crabby.
Having to give Abby a bath makes ME crabby.
Oh well.
I am not crabby when I hug Abby after her bath.
And neither is Abby!