Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

The Bell and Shell Store

Let’s set up a store.
I'll tell you what to sell.
You can sell shells.
You’ll sell shells and I’ll sell bells.
Let’s tell the people what we sell.
“We sell shells! We sell bells!”
We will yell, “Come get a shell!”
We will yell, “Come get a bell!”
We will sell lots of shells and lots of bells.
We sell the best shells and the best bells!

Fill and Spill

Let’s fill and spill.
Fill a cup with beans.
Fill the cup till it’s full.
Then spill the beans and see if they will make a hill.
Will the spill turn into a hill?
What a thrill to fill, spill, and make a hill!

Dollar in My Wallet

I had a dollar in my wallet.
But I can’t find the dollar in my wallet.
I found a yellow dot.
I found a yellow marshmallow.
I found a yellow balloon.
Oh look!
I found the dollar.
I found the dollar in my wallet.

I Found a Dollar

I found a dollar!
What can I buy with a dollar?
Can I buy a pillow with a dollar?
Can I buy a balloon with a dollar?
Can I buy a marshmallow with a dollar?
Maybe I’ll buy a wallet with the dollar!
I’ll buy a yellow wallet with my dollar!