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Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

Hurry and Scurry

Hurry and scurry to pick cherries and berries.
The store will be open soon.
The sellers will worry if they don’t get cherries and berries.
Hurry! Scurry to carry the cherries and berries to the store.
Hurry and scurry to set up the store.
The buyers will arrive soon.
Carry cherries and berries from here to there.
The store is a flurry, but the sellers stay merry.
Hurry and scurry to sell the cherries.
The buyers borrow bags to carry their berries home.
The sellers feel sorry when the cherries and berries are gone.
But don’t worry! They’ll get more cherries and berries tomorrow.
Don’t hurry or scurry to clean up the store.
The buyers have carried their cherries and berries home.
As the sellers clean, they don’t need to be in a flurry.
Hurray! Their work is done.