Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

A Sputtering, Puttering Old Car

My old car is sputtering, puttering along.
It rattles.
It splatters and spatters water as it goes.
But the car isn’t a quitter.
It clatters, flutters, jitters, and skitters along.
We drive through a puddle.
And it goes spattering, clattering, rattling, and sputtering along.
This old car is getting more jittery every day.
The engine gets hotter and hotter.
The tires get flatter and flatter.
I think it may finally be quitting.
I can do a little better.
I can find a car that doesn’t rattle, splatter, flutter, clatter,
and sputter along.

A Place Filled with Clatter and Clutter

I know of a place that is filled with clatter and clutter.
I shudder when I am in it.
In this place there is a lot of chitter-chatter and clatter.
What a noisy place!
There are people trotting, rattling, and strutting around.
You can hear people swatting at flies.
It’s not just a little noisy – it’s really noisy.
And in this place, I’m spotting lots of clutter.
This place is an utter mess!
There are people squatting on the floor wearing tattered clothes.
There are critters trotting and strutting around.
There are critters fluttering around.
In this place, I’m spotting rotten food splattered on the wall.
In this place, there is litter scattered everywhere.
There are platters shattered on the floor.
And all the chairs and sofas are in tatters.
This place gives me the jitters.
Let’s find a better place to be!