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Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

A Sputtering, Puttering Old Car

My old car is sputtering and puttering along.
It rattles.
It splatters water as it goes.
But the car isn’t a quitter.
It clatters, flutters, jitters, and skitters along.
We drive through a puddle.
And it goes spattering, clattering, rattling, and sputtering along.
This old car is getting more jittery every day.
The engine gets hotter and hotter.
The tires get flatter and flatter.
I think it may finally be quitting.
I can do a little better.
I can find a car that doesn’t rattle, splatter, flutter, clatter,
or sputter along.

My Cluttered Bedroom

My room is full of clutter.
I have clothes and toys scattered all over! 
I hear a rattle by my leftovers!
That’s it! It’s time to clean up this clutter!
I get the jitters as I think of the critters I might find by the peanut butter.
Under my clothes I find my forgotten toys.
There’s the Butter Battle Book—but what was that noise?
The noise over there, in the litter.
As I get close to the rotten leftovers, I see them! 
The critters! 
I yell for my mom! The critters scattered.
I’ve learned my lesson. 
I will never let my bedroom get that cluttered again!
No way!