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Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

A Thrill to Spill and Fill?

Be still!
What a thrill!
Is it a thrill to spill?
Is it a thrill to spill and fill?
I think it will be a thrill to fill and spill and fill and spill.

Call for the Ball

Let’s all play ball.
A player called the thrower gets all the balls.
Some balls are big, and some balls are small.
The other players call for the balls.
All together, they call, “Ball!”
The thrower throws all the balls.
The catchers all try to catch a ball.
Then they look to see who caught the small ball.
The player with the smallest ball gets to throw the balls next!

Best Ball of All

Let’s call our friends to play ball.
We can all play ball.
Come, play ball!
Pick a ball.
Try to pick the best ball of all.
Stand tall.
Bounce your ball.
See if your ball bounces as high as you are tall.
Did you pick the best ball?
Did your ball bounce as high as you are tall?

Which Is the Best Ball of All?

We have some balls.
Some balls are small.
Some balls are not small.
See if the small balls will bounce off the wall.
See if the balls that are not small will bounce all the way to the wall.
Bounce the balls, but don’t let the balls bounce down the hall.
Which of the balls bounced all the way to the wall?
Which of the balls bounced off the wall?
Was it a small ball that bounced all the way to the wall?
Which is the best ball of all?

My Best Friend Is Not Tall

My best friend is not very tall.
My best friend likes to play ball.
My best friend likes to jump high then fall.
My best friend likes to fall and roll over.
My best friend does it all.
My best friend sometimes bumps into
a wall as he bounds down the hall.
My best friend is the best friend of all.
My best friend always comes when I call.
“Here Sport! Good dog!”

My Dog Comes When I Call

My dog is the best dog of all.
When I tell him, “Fetch,” he runs after the ball.
When I tell him, “Roll over,” he rolls all around.
When I tell him, “Play dead,” he does not move at all.
When I tell him, “Stay,” he sits very still.
When I tell him, “Up,” he stands up tall.
But best of all, when I call, “Come,” he comes running down the hall.
Then we go out for a stroll.

Hold Still and Don’t Spill

Try to fill a cup with beans.
Will the beans spill?
Hold still and try not to spill.
Be still so you won’t spill.
It takes skill to fill and not spill!
I get a thrill when I don’t spill.

Call for a Ball

We can all play ball.
Call for a ball!
Can you stand tall and catch the ball?
Can you be small and catch the ball?
My ball is small.

Do not call for a ball.
Give me all the balls.
I have all the balls.
I have all the small balls.

Get a Ball over the Wall

We can all make a wall.
Let’s get a ball over a wall.
Get a ball over the wall.

Now put a ball on the wall.
Do not let the ball fall.

We can make a tall wall.
We can make the wall small.
Now make the wall fall!

Tall Enough to get the Ball?

We can be tall!
We can stand on our toes to be tall.
Can you get the ball?

We can be tall!
Put the ball up on a wall.
Will the ball fall from the wall?
Let’s call for the ball to fall.
Fall, ball! Fall!