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SEEL Target Texts

Salt Will Make a Snowman Melt

Narrator: "Once there was a snowman who just stood in the yard. He stood there with his belt and felt hat."
Elf: "Hey, snowman! Don’t just stand there. Don’t just sun yourself in my yard! Pick yourself up and move! You better bolt or I’ll pelt you with salt."
Snowman: "Yelp! Help! Halt! No salt! Salt will make me melt! I’ll melt!"
Elf: "Yup, spilt salt on a snowman will not bring a good result."
Narrator: "So the elf felt sad for the snowman. He did not want his salt to make the snowman melt. But the sun DID make the snowman melt. Poor snowman!"

Don't Melt Snails with Salt!

Narrator: "Once there was a gardener who had trouble with a snail."
Gardener: "Hey, snail! If you eat my plants, I’ll get out the salt. You better bolt!"
Snail: "Yelp! Help! Halt! No salt! Salt will make me melt!"
Narrator: "Spilt salt on the snail will make it melt. And, spilt salt on the gardener’s plants will make them wilt. So salt will not bring a good result."
Gardener: "Snail, please bolt! I do not want to get out the salt."
Narrator: "So the snail left. And the gardener felt glad because the snail left. So he put away his salt. The gardener did not want the snail to melt."

Salt Can Melt Ice

Ice is cold.
Can you hold ice?
We do not want to hold cold ice.
But we can make ice melt.
We can use salt to make ice melt.

We can build an ice stack. 
We can  put salt on the ice.
Salt can melt ice!
Will the ice stack tilt? 
Halt! No more salt!
We will watch the ice melt.