Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

A Band for My Hand

I have an “and” band for my hand.
The “and” band for my hand can make “and” words.
It can make the words: band, sand, land, stand, hand, grand.
I can do a handstand while wearing my “and” band.
I can put my “and” band on a stand.
I love to read the “and” words on my hand band!

Grand Band

Look at that band for a hand.
It is grand!
Where did you get that grand band?
From a stand!
Can you find a grand band for my hand?

A Hand with Sand

I fell doing a hand stand.
Where did I land?
… in some sand.
Now look at my hand!
There is sand on my hand!
It is not grand to have sand on my hand.
I brush off the sand and let it land back in the sand.

A Paper Hand

I can do lots of things with a paper hand.
I can put sand on the hand.
I can make the hand do a hand stand.
I can write the word “and” on the hand.
I can mend the paper hand when it tears.
I can bend the hand to wave it.
I can send or lend the hand to a friend.
I can do lots of things with a paper hand.