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Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

Bank with a Crank

Where do you put your money?
In a sink?
In a tank?
In a tin bank?
Yes! In a tin bank!
What sound do you hear when you put money in a bank?

—and kerplunk
How do you get money out of the tin bank?
Dump it in a tank?
Shake it out of the bank?
No, open the bank with a crank!

Plink Plunk Sunk

I have a chunk of rock.
Do you think it will sink?
Do you think it will not sink?
You can dunk the chunk into a tank
What sound do you hear when you plunk the chunk into the tank?
– and kerplunk
Did the chunk of rock sink?
The chunk of rock went clunk and sunk.

Clank in the Bank

Clank! A clank in the bank! Clank goes the bank.
The money sank into the bank with a clank.
Do you think you can drop money into a bank and make a clank?
Plunk and clunk money in the bank.