SEEL Target Texts

Strings and Streamers Are All Over the Street

We took a stroll down a street streaming streamers.
But the streamers had strings and strands.
And the strings and strands fell on the street.
By the end of our stroll, there were strings and strands all over the street!
We had to pick up the strings, strands, and streamers.
Now we have a street without strings, strands, or streamers.

Crunchy Crackers

Crunchy crackers crunch.
Crunchy crackers crack.
Crunchy crackers crumble.
Crispy crackers crunch.
Crispy crackers crack.
Crispy crackers crumble.
Crushing crispy, crunchy crackers makes many crumbly crumbs!

A Toad Moaned and Groaned

There once was a toad with a great big load.
He carried a coat, a cloak, a toy boat, and some soap.
The toad moaned and groaned about his big load.
He hoped to get home to float his toy boat or soak in the bath with nice soap.
Along came a friend who saw the toad with his big load.
The friend helped the toad to carry the load.
The toad croaked, “Thanks!” using his throat.
From that day on, the toad boasted about having the best friend from coast to coast.