SEEL Target Texts

Cram Crackers in Bags

Cram crackers into crinkly, crackly bags.
Crack crackers in crinkly, crackly bags.
Crush crackers in crinkly, crackly bags.
All that will be left are crumbly cracker crumbs.
How crazy to crush crackers in their crinkly, crackly bags!

Crunch and Crack

Some bags crinkle and crackle.
Some crackers come in bags that crinkle and crackle.
Crackers crammed in bags that crinkle and crackle can crack.
Crackers crushed in bags that crinkle and crackle make crumbs.
Crumbs can crunch but they don’t crinkle and crackle.
Crackers and crackly bags are a lot of fun!

Crazy Cracker Crumb Creation

How to make a cracker crumb creation:
Crunch and crack crackers in a crinkly wrapper.
Crush and crumble the crackers into crumbs.
Cram the crumbs into a cup to make a crust.
Cram cream over the crust.
Create a crazy cracker crumb creation!

Crinkle and Crackle

Some things are crinkly.
Some things are crackly.
Some things are crunchy.
Crinkle something to make a crinkly sound.
Crush something to make a crunchy sound.
Crack something to make a crackly sound.
It’s fun to make things crinkle, crackle, and crunch!