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Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

Special Sports

* Spin on a spot or in a space
* Be spiders that spring up high
* Spy a spot and spin on it
* Be speedy as you speak
* Spill specks from spoons only on spots
* Spill or spray water and be speedy in
sponging it up
* Sprint to a spot

Spill the Spools

We decorated spools to make them special.
We put sparkles, spots, and sprinkles on our spools.
Our spools were splendid and spectacular.
We played with our special spools.
We spilled the spools on a table covered in spots.
Our spools landed on spots and spaces.
We had fun spilling sparkly, sprinkled spools on spots and spaces!

Spaghetti in Space

I wish I could eat spaghetti in space.
I’d find a spot to spread out the pots and pans.
And I’d spoon up the spaghetti.
But in space spaghetti would spill and spew all over the place.
The sauce would spill and splash.
It would go splat and splash and make a splotch.
There’d be specks of spaghetti everywhere.
There’d be splotches of sauce everywhere.
The spaghetti sauce would spew all over space.
I’d have to sponge up all the spaghetti and sauce.
That would spoil my fun.

Spin, Spill, and Spout

Spin spools, spill water, spout water from a spout.
Spin spools in water, spout water from a spout onto spools.
Spoon water on spools and into spouts.
Make water specks and spots from the spinning spools and spouting spouts.
Spoon water onto spots and spin spouts to make specks.
Wow! That’s a lot of spinning, spilling, and spouting.

Water Can Spew, Spurt, Spray and Spill!

A water fountain spews out water.
Sometimes it spills on the floor.
The water fountain spouts out water.
Sometimes it spits water in my face.
A water spout spurts out water.
Sometimes it sprinkles water on the floor.
The water spout spouts out water.
Sometimes it sprays water in my space.
A spray bottle sprays water.
Sometimes it spurts all over the place.
The spray bottle sprinkles water.
Sometimes the water spills in my space.
I’m tired of sponging up all this water!!

Things to Do with Spouts and Spots

There are lots of things to do with spouts and spots.
I can spin a spout in a space.
I can watch water spout out of a spout.
I can sprinkle spots in spaces.
I can spot spots around the room.
I can spin a spout in water to make water spots.
I can spoon water into a spout and onto a spot.
I can sponge up water spots made by spouts and spoons.
I love to play with spouts and spots!

Spin Spouts and Sprinkle Spots

Spin a spout.
Did it stop on a spot?
Did it stop in a space?
Spill spots.
Did they spill in a space?
Did they spill on a spot?
Spoon spouts.
Did the spouts go splat on a spot?
Did the spouts go splat in a space?
Sprinkle spots.
Did the spots land on a spot?
Did the spools land in a space?
Did the spots spread all over the place?

Sprinkle and Splash to Make Splotches

How to make splatter art:
Splat, sprinkle or spray some water on paper to make splotches.
Sprinkle some paint on the splotches.
Spread the paint in the splotches.
Sprinkle some salt on the splotches.
Make art by sprinkling, splashing, sploshing, and spraying water.
Splish! Splash! Splosh!
What splendid art made from splashes and splotches!