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Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

The Pirate Has a Peg Leg

A pirate has a peg leg.
His leg does not bend.
When he walks on the ship, the deck gets dents.
The peg leg dents the deck.
When he went to bed, the pirate took off his leg.
He set his leg on a wet deck.
The peg leg got wet.
And he can’t wear it yet.

A Red Pet

Short e is in pet—a pet I met—a red pet.
The pet is a red hen.
I fed the red hen.
Then I led the pet, the red hen, into a pen.  
The pet hen is in her pen.
The hen is fed and is all set.
I get in bed. I am all set in bed. 
And my red hen is set in her pen.
I can tell all is well with my pet, the hen.
Short e is in hen and the hen is in her pen.