SEEL Target Texts

Try Not to Get the Short Stick

Pick a stick to see who gets the short stick.
Pick a stick.
Pick a stick.
Pick a stick.
Check to see who got the short stick.
Now pick again!
Check to see who got the short stick now.           
Quick! Pick up sticks!

Quick! Pick Up Sticks

Quick.  Quick.
Pick up sticks.
Pick up.  Pick up.
Pick up sticks.
Lick-ity split.
Pick up sticks.
Quick!  Quick!

Playing Pick Up Sticks

Let some sticks drop.
Try to pick up a stick.    
But do not move another stick.
Did you pick up a stick?
How many sticks did you pick up?
Now let a friend try to pick up a stick.

How to Play Pick Up Sticks

Here is how you play pick up sticks.
Drop the sticks.
Try to pick up one stick.
Do not move another stick.
Pick up a stick.
Pick up a stick.
Pick up a stick.
How many sticks can you pick up?

A Bug Can Look Like a Stick

There are bugs that look like sticks.
They are walking stick bugs.
A walking stick bug can do a trick.
It can look like a stick.
Can you pick out a stick bug from some sticks?
Can you make a stick look like a stick bug?

A Click Bug and a Stick Bug

The click bug goes click.
The stick bug looks like a stick.
Put a click bug on a stick.
Put a stick bug on a stick.
Make a click bug go click.
Put a stick bug in with some sticks. 
Do not make the stick bug go ‘click’.  
Do not hide the click bug in with sticks.
The stick bug does not go ‘click’.  
And the click bug does not look like a stick.

A Trick!

Can you do a trick?
I can do a trick.
I can do a trick with a stick.
I can make the stick disappear.
Can you do that trick?
Do you know a trick?

Slick Slick Trick

I have a stick.
It is a slick stick.
I can do a slick trick with the stick.
I can flick it up.
I can flick it over.
I can flick it down.  
I can do a trick with my slick stick.  
Can you do with a trick with a stick?