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Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

Dog, Frog, and Hog on a Log

Dog, Frog, and Hog are best friends. 
One day, as they were walking, they saw a log.
Dog wanted to sit on the log. So Dog sat on the log.
Then Frog came along. Will Frog fit on the log? 
Frog sat on the log with Dog.
Finally, Hog came along. Will Hog fit on the log?
Hog sat on the log with Dog and Frog.
Look! It’s a dog-frog-hog log! 
Dog, Frog, and Hog broke the log!
Down went Dog.
Down went Frog. 
Down went Hog.
Too many animals on a log!

A Log in a Bog

This is a log.
The log is in a bog.
Who wants to sit on the log?
How about a dog?
Dog, jog to the log.
How about a frog?
Frog, jog to the log.
Can we fit a hog?
Hog, jog to the log.
Uh oh!
A dog, frog, and hog cannot fit on the log.
Dog, Frog, and Hog fell off the log into the bog.
Would you like to sit on the log in the bog?