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Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

Hop to the Pop Shop

Do you want to buy some pop?
Let’s hop to a shop to buy pop.
Look, a shop!  Let’s stop!
But, there’s no pop at that shop.
That is not a pop shop.
Let’s hop to another shop.
Here is a shop.
We can buy pop at this shop.
Let’s hop back with the pop.
Let’s pop open the top!  Pop!
Oops!  The pop slops all over!
Stop the pop!
Now we have to mop up all the drops of pop.

Hop to a Popcorn Shop

Let's hop to a popcorn shop.  
Get some popcorn kernels.
Hop, hop, hop to the shop.
See the popcorn kernels hop.
Stop at the popcorn shop.
Pop the popcorn at the shop.
Say, "STOP, popcorn! STOP!"
Fill the popcorn box to the top.
Hop, hop, hop with a lid on top. 

Flip and Flop an Egg

Pop open an egg.
Plop and drop the egg in a pot.
Put a top on the pot. 
Take the top off the pot. 
Flip and flop the egg.

Serve the Egg

Carry the egg in the pot to a dish.
Be careful! 
Do not drop the pot.
Do not slip!
Do not trip! 
Do not slop the egg or drop the pot.
Do not let the egg tip, slip, or drip. 
Tip the pot. 
Plop and drop and slop the egg onto the dish.
Clean up any drips, drops, and slops.
Clean up the drips and drops or slop.
Mop up the slop and drips and drops.

Plop, Flop, and Chop to Make an Egg

Pop open an egg.
Drop and plop the egg in a pot.
Put a top on the pot.
Take the top off the pot.
Flip-flop the egg.
Drop and slop some egg out of the pan.
Chop the egg.
Chop some cheese.
Top the egg with cheese.
Now mop up the mess!

We Can Dance

We can dance!
We hop and bop.
We drop and flop.
We make cars stop just like a cop.
We hop and flop and pop and bop!