Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

Find a Slot in a Parking Lot

A parking lot has lots of slots. 
Some slots in a parking lot have dots. 
And some slots in a parking lot have spots. 
But some slots do not have spots or dots. 
Try to get a slot that does not have a spot or a dot. 
Did you get a slot? 
Did you get a slot with a dot or a spot? 
Did you get a slot that did not have a spot or a dot? 
Slip your car into a slot in a parking lot. 

A Robot Trots Dot to Dot

A robot can follow dots to get to a special spot. 
A robot can go from spot to spot. 
We made a path with lots of dots. 
But the dots were hot, so the robot had to trot. 
The robot had to trot from dot to dot. 
He had to trot on lots of hot dots. 
The robot went from dot to dot. 
And he got to the spot at the end of the dots! 
The spot was a dot that was not hot. 
So the robot sat on his special spot!