Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

Bart at the Mart

Bart goes to a mart and gets a cart.
Bart starts to push the cart, but the cart comes apart. 
The cart is missing a part.
But Bart has a smart idea.
Bart parks the cart and then finds the part he needs to fix the cart.
Bart puts the part on the cart.
Bart darts through the mart pushing the cart.
Bart puts jars, tarts, cards, and yarn in the cart.  
Bart loves to dart through the mart putting stuff in his cart.

Part of a Cart

We can cut a pie into parts.
We can make a wheel, a part for a cart.
We can be smart and make words from their parts.
The word art is a part of cart.
The word art is a part of dart.
The letters ch are part of chart.
The letters sm are part of smart.

Follow a Star

Let's get in the car.
We'll take the car to a snack bar.
We'll follow a star.
We go far in our car to get to the snack bar.
When we get to the snack bar, we will find a cookie jar.
When we get to the snack bar we will find a candy bar.
When we get to the snack bar we will find a granola bar.
Then we’ll follow a star back to the car.

Go to a Snack Bar in Your Car

Get in your car.  
Start the car.
Take the car to the Star Snack Bar.
The snack bar is not far away.
You won’t go far in your car to get to the snack bar.
When you get to the snack bar, you will find . . .
cookie jars,
candy bars,
granola bars,
sweet tarts, and
candy jars.
Then you will drive away in your car.

I Parked My Car

I start my car at the start of the day.
I drive my car but not too far. 
I go as far as the snack bar.
I drive again and park at a salad bar.  
I drive some more until it is dark.
I park my car at the city park. 
I drive again and park in my back yard.
What a day of driving and parking my car!

Clark Says Arrg!

Clark says, "Argh!" when he sees a shark.
Clark says, "Argh!" when his room is dark.
Clark says, "Argh!" when he misses at darts.
Clark says, "Argh!" when he finds messy charts.
Clark says, "Arr!" when he sees a pretty star.
Clark says, "Arr!" when his ship sails far.
Clark says, "Arr!" when he plays the guitar.
Clark says, "Arr!" when he finds a candy bar.
Clark the pirate speaks in "Argh!" and "Arr!"

A Cart That Won't Start

I have a fun go-cart.
I try to start my go-cart but it won't start.
I go to WalMart to buy a part for my go-cart.
I put the new part in my go-cart to make my cart start.
I drive my go-cart back to WalMart to buy art, pop tarts, and darts.
I love my fun go-cart!

An Art Cart

Look at my art cart.  
I start the cart, and put things in the cart to make art.
You can make art from the things in the cart.   
You can glue one part to another part to make art.
Don’t let your art fall apart.  
Then you can put your art back in the cart.
I will start the cart and dart to show off your art!
Thanks for taking part!

Start Making Art

Here is an art cart.
You can start making art.
Glue one part to another part. 
Don’t let the art fall apart! 
Look at your work of art!
What a smart looking piece of art!