Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

A Baseball Player

There is a boy who is a great baseball player.
He can play all of the positions on the team.
He can be a runner.
He can be a pitcher.
He can be a catcher.
He can be a hitter.
There is a girl who is a great baseball player.
She can play all of the positions on the team.
She can be a runner.
She can be a pitcher.
She can be a catcher.
She can be a hitter. 
These baseball players enjoy being great players.
Sometimes they are runners.
Sometimes they are pitchers.
Sometimes they are catchers.
Sometimes they are hitters.
What great players!

A Spider Who Isn't a Strider

There is a spider who isn't a strider.  
He doesn't like to stride along.
He likes being a rider, a glider, or a slider.
But he doesn't like being a walker or a strider.

A Spider Gets Wider and Wider

There was once a spider who loved peach cobbler.
It loved it so much that it became quite a gobbler.
It ate and ate and grew fatter and fatter.
It grew wider and wider.
Oh, what was the matter?
The poor spider needs to get thinner and thinner.
It should not eat peach cobbler for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


A Spider Likes Cider and Gets Wider

There is a spider that likes to drink cider.
It opens its mouth, wider and wider.
It chugs down the cider.
And the spider gets wider and wider.
That spider likes cider!


A Spider Can Be a Rider

There is a spider who can get around in lots of ways.
It can take big strides and be a strider.
It can slide on its web and be a slider.
It can glide on a thread too and be a glider.
It can pitter patter on its legs and be a walker.
It can creep along slowly and be a creeper. 
It can ride on the back of another spider and be a rider.
The spider can be a strider, slider, glider, walker, rider, or creeper.
It can get around in so many ways.